Normal Phase, ANP or HILIC | Silica-C is Unique | Fat Soluble Vitamins

Un-modified Silica and Silica Hydride phases are useful for polar compounds in Normal Phase (NP), Aqueous Normal Phase (ANP) and/or HILIC HPLC modes. Choose either from TYPE-C™ Silica hydride or ordinary Type-B Silica for a wide range of selectivity.

A common use for Silica columns is to retain polar compounds such as steroidal structures, fats, fat soluble compounds and others.

  • Cogent Silica-C™ - Un-modified TYPE-C™, Silica Hydride. This unique phase works well in NP separations with the benefits of a hydrophobic Silica surface including rapid equilibration. No need to manage water content of your mobile phase for precise results.

  • Cogent NP Silica™ - Made with world class Type-B Silica; these work horse columns are packed and ready to be used in Normal Phase or HILIC HPLC.

  • Cogent HPS Silica™ - Proprietary Base Deactivated, 5um, Type-B Silica, these columns are great for USP L03 methods.

  • Cogent MicroBee Silica™ - Comparable to Waters µBondapak®, these un-modified Silica columns are a great Alternate for your USP® L 03 methods.

NOTE: Our Technical Support Team strongly recommends that the Cogent Column Filter, included with each column, be used with all HPLC Columns whenever possible. Click HERE for Filter details.


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