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Essential Accessories | De-cappers | Crimping Tools | Racks | Storage Boxes

Tools and accessories that make doing Headspace Analysis accurate, precise and easier. More than conveniences, these items make your results more reliable.

The Selection "FILTER" buttons refine the Products displayed in the Ordering Chart. They are described below and listed alphabetically by FILTER.

  • Crimpers - Tools to manually apply crimp caps to Headspace Vials. 20mm is our Most Popular Size. Chemically resistant, made for standard 20mm crimp caps or for safety release Flip Top caps. Hex keys are included for calibration and adjustment of the tool for proper crimps.

  • Decappers - Removing crimped caps from 20mm Headspace vials can be dangerous due to sharp edges. This handy tool makes removing the caps easier and safer.

  • Rack -  This clear acrylic rack is very handy when you're filling, capping, storing or transporting vials from one room to another.

  • Storage Boxes - Polypropylene box with egg-crate style inserts to hold 20ml Headspace Vials including the cap. These plastic boxes are used for storage and shipping.

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