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Designed for Glass Autosampler Vials | High Speed | Benchtop

The High Speed Vial Centrifuge™ has a specially designed rotor with cushions and  8 adapters for use with approved MicroSolv™, heavy wall, single piece, autosampler vials: the MRQ™ (1.2ml) and the Max Recovery™ (1.8ml).

The Vial Centrifuge™ is also, supplied with an Easy Purchase Pack of RSA-Pro X™, MRQ™ screw top vials and non-slit AQR™ screw caps. A wrench for tightening the centrifuge rotor is also included.

The Vial Centrifuge™ offers 16,800xg with a unique air-flow system that keeps your samples cool. This unit features a large, touch panel screen for easy operation which controls and displays actual speed (in rpm or rcf) along with set and remaining spin times. Store up to 6 speed, time and memory profiles in the “mySpin” icon for instant recall to get results fast.

The compact design of this centrifuge is cold room safe and only 9x12x7.75" taking up less bench space than other centrifuges and carries a two year manufacturer's warranty.

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Use only Authorized Vials. Shown & Listed Below. Click on links for Ordering Information.

MRQ™ Screw Top Vial Kits  

Max Recovery™ Screw Top Vial Kits 

The Selection "FILTERS" are listed alphabetically.

  • Cap Colors: The starter pack & other compatible RSA vial kits includes a blue cap but other colors are available; sold in kits or separately. Please inquire for assistance. The kits with RSA-Pro X vials are supplied with black caps and are sold only in kit packs.

  • Kits: RSA™ Vials & AQR™ Caps - Are combination kits of vials and caps that are compatible with this centrifuge.

  • RSA-Pro X™ - Compatible Hydrophobic RSA™ Vials with a surface treatment to reduce protein and peptide adsorption with extreme hydrolytic stability.

  • Screw Top Vials: 9mm - The vials compatible with this centrifuge.

  • Septa: Non-Slit - The only Septa that is compatible with centrifuging are Non-Slit.

  • Soft-Guard™ Caps - The compatible vials for this centrifuge can be purchased as a kit with our Most Popular, Soft-Guard™ Caps.

  • Vial Centrifuge™ - The centrifuge and replacement adapters and rotor.

  • Vial Color: Clear vials that are compatible are selected.

  • Volume: 1.2ml- MRQ™ or 1.8ml Max Recovery™ vials are selected.

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