Micro-Sample Management System. This set includes 96, 350ul Precision, Glass Inserts in a Rack with a Base and a Solvent Resistant, Polymeric Plug Style Sealing Mat. U-2D Brand. 1/PK.

Additional Info:

This Set is a convenient way to purchase all that is needed to manage your Micro-Samples or use this set in a 96 Well Plate configuration. Inserts are 1st Hydrolytic, Class A Type 33 Borosilicate Glass. Use this set with most HPLC compatible, organic solvents.

These 350ul inserts can easily be removed from the rack and placed in a 12x32mm, 2ml AQ™ Brand autosampler vial for use in GC or HPLC.

Set includes Pre-Racked InsertsBase & Non-Slit Sealing Mat.


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