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Diol columns are used in both reversed and normal phase HPLC due to their polarity. While not as polar as silica, they are less polar than hydrocarbon chains such as C18.

Diol phases can be used with the full range of HPLC solvents and are most commonly used in normal phase or in supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC). These columns are generally chosen to replace unmodified silica for typical HPLC analyses, although their selectivity may be slightly different. They are also, more robust as the Diol functional group protects the underlying silica layer. Diol offers a broader range and use of solvents compared with unmodified silica; from hexane (non-polar) to water (very polar).

Cogent Diol™ - HPLC columns are made with TYPE-C™ silica. This makes them very unique from all other Diol phases. Useful in reversed phase (RP), normal phase (NP) and aqueous normal phase (ANP) HPLC, this phase is very robust with unique selectivity.

Cogent NP Diol™ - HPLC columns are excellent alternate columns for your current USP or in-house pharma methods. They are made with the same type-B, high purity silica as our Cogent RP™ HPLC columns and are packed in non-polar solvents to be used in normal phase (NP) right from the box. Available in 3, 5 and 10um, these columns are excellent choices for USP methods.

NOTE: Our technical support team strongly recommends that the Cogent column filter, included with each column, be used with all HPLC columns whenever possible. Click HERE for details.

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