PEEK Column Hardware and Packing Hardware to pack your own All-PEEK bioinert HPLC Columns.

Used by packing professionals and user alike, MicroSolv’s All-PEEK columns are extruded PEEK and are of the highest quality and reproducibility. Graphite is added (20%) to the formulation in order to achieve the black surface's sheen and no other chemicals or physical treatments are performed making these columns more biocompatible than other brands.

PEEK frits with 2 µm porosity or Titanium (Ti) frits with 0.5, 2 or 5 µm porosity are available to keep your packing material in place while maintaining biocompatibility. The inner bore of the columns are not treated in any way and they develop its mirror like surface through our proprietary extrusion method.

  • 2.1 mm ID columns have 1/4 - 28 threads

  • 3.0 mm ID guard cartridge system

  • 4.6 mm ID columns have 1/2 - 20 threads

  • 7.5 mm ID columns have 5/8 - 18 threads

  • Click for column packing replacement parts - All-PEEK packing adapters, seals, & PEEK end fittings for packing stations.

  • Click HERE for Slurry Reservoir Kits for column packing.

  • Click for columns - All-PEEK HPLC columns and complete column sets including PEEK columns, PEEK end fittings, PEEK or Ti frits and polypropylene column end plugs.

CAUTION: Using PEEK columns and hardware at elevated temperatures will reduce the pressure stability of the material drastically.

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