Coated/Bonded Capillaries for CE & cIEF

These 1-meter capillaries are coated with various amounts of our proprietary polymer, which exposes Sulfonic acid groups to the lumen of the capillary in the controlled EOF Capillary. The varying amounts of polymers provides controlled amount of resulting EOF. They are pH independent in that the EOF does not change when you change the pH of the run buffer. The Zero EOF capillaries are neutral coated (bonded) with linear polyacrylamide (LPA) which does not produce an EOF. They are durable and should give 80 hours of life if used according to the products specifications.


  • The pH range of the capillaries is 2-8.5
  • Column ID: 50m or 75m
  • Column OD: 365µm
  • Capillary Exterior Coating: Polyimide
  • Length: 1 meter
Electro Osmotic Flow: pH 7.5
Bare Silica 7.0 x 10-4 cm2/volt second
High Flow 5.5 x 10-4 cm2/volt second
Medium Flow 3.5 x 10-4 cm2/volt second
Low Flow 2.5 x 10-4 cm2/volt second
Zero Flow No EOF Detected
Relative Migration Times of A Neutral Marker Controlled v. Bare Fused Silica Capillary
Bare Fused Silica 3.2 minutes
High 4.3 minutes
Med 6.5 minutes
Low 8.2 minutes
Zero undetected

Column Conditioning Procedure:  Never Use Strong Bases on this Capillary,  Carefully remove the capillary from the shipping/storage container. It is fragile. Remove protective polyimide coating by using 98% fuming sulfuric acid. One drop should be sufficient for complete removal. A low temperature flame may be used as well. Always use appropriate and approved safety precautions when performing the above. Condition the capillary by running your “run buffer” through the capillary for 30 minutes. Rinse the column (after step 3) with CEwaterTM for 5 minutes. Final rinse should be with your run buffer for an additional 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure between each injection with reduced run times.

Column Storage Procedure: Rinse the column for 25 minutes with your run buffer. Rinse the column with CEwaterTM for fifteen minutes. If storing for an extended period, we recommend that N2 or He should be blown, under slight pressure, through the column.

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