Filters, Membrane, 25mm, 0.45um, PVDF. Round, AQ Brand. 100/PK.

Additional Info:

These high flow, non media migrating, Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Advanced Quality (AQ) Brand, Filter Discs can be used with any device when membrane filtration is desired.

Hydrophilic, they are low protein binding and can be autoclaved at 121⁰C for 30 minutes or EO sterilization without damage to the integrity or performance of the filter.

  • Diameter: 25mm

  • Max Operating Temperature: 80⁰C

  • Bubble Point: >30psi (2.10 kg/cm2)

  • Water Flow Rate: >30ml/min/cm2 @ 10 psi, 27⁰C

  • Thickness: 135um +- 15um

  • Extractables with WFI (water): Within USP Limits

  • Oxidizable Substances: Passes USP Test

  • Pore Size: 0.45 um


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