HPLC Column, UDA (wcx) 2.o, 2.2um, 2.1mm ID x 150mm Length, 120A. Cogent TYPE-C Brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This Cogent UDA™ (wcx) HPLC Column is made with Cogent TYPE-C™ Silica, and has an 11 carbon chain with a terminal carboxylic acid group and is considered a “near UHPLC” Column with 2.2um, 120A, silica hydride as the base silica.

Use in Reversed Phase (RP), Aqueous Normal Phase (ANP) or as a Weak Cation Exchange Column (wcx at pH 6 or higher).

  • Faster Equilibration than other Silica Columns

  • No need to control Moisture in Mobile Phase Solvents

  • Robust Column Lifetimes

  • Use Minimal Salt to Elute in ANP

This column is often chosen for LCMS when increased resolution is desired.



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