Guard Column Cartridges, UDC Cholesterol 2.o, Replacement Cartridges, 2.0mm ID x 10mm Length, 2.2um, 120A. Hichrom style, in individual black cases. Cogent TYPE-C Brand. 5/PK.

Additional Info:

These Guard Columns are designed to protect your UDC Cholesterol 2.o™ analytical columns from particulate and contaminants that will adsorb to your column. These columns are packed in Stainless Steel tubes with SS Frits. Labelled, and shipped in individual, black, Delrin cases to protect and keep them from drying out. Use with Hichrom Style Guard Column Holders.

Use these guard columns with 2.1mm ID analytical columns packed with 2.2um Undecanoic Cholesterol (UDC).


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