Sample Loop, Cheminert/Rheodyne, 50 ul, For HPLC Injectors, Stainless Steel. ARE-Applied Research brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

These HPLC injector sample loops are made with welded and annealed, 316 stainless steel tubing for unsurpassed injection reproducibility and accuracy.

Tubing is 0.50mm ID (+/- 0.025mm) and is supplied with 2 two-piece, small hex head, SS, high pressure tubing connectors with ferrules for fitting on the injectors. Tubing end cuts are made using EDC (electronic discharge) techniques to achieve square and burr free ends for zero-dead volume connections. A label with the loop volume is attached.

Use these loops with Rheodyne ® or Cheminert® brand HPLC injector valves.


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