Tubing Connector Fittings, High Pressure, Two Pieces, 1/16", PEEK, Natural, Large Head, Standard Length and 10-32 Screw Threads. Use with Double Cone Ferrules. Finger Tighten, ARE-Applied Research brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

These Two Piece, "Male Nuts" are used to connect PEEK or Stainless Steel tubing in the high pressures zones of HPLC systems.

This fitting has a 12mm diameter knurled head, 18mm total length (top to bottom) and requires a Double Cone, Ferrule, sold separately. Click HERE for Ferrule Ordering Information.

2 Piece Male Nuts are often chosen because they can be used at slightly higher pressures compared to 1 Piece Nuts. The required, Double Coned Ferrules will swage tubing at two places and have a greater grip than one piece fittings. The larger Head makes it easier to produce the torque needed to achieve a good connection.

As Ferrules wear down, they need to be replaced. This Nut can be reused with new Ferrules.

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