Tubing, FEP, 0.030 inch (0.75 mm) ID, 1/16th Inch OD, low pressure, 5 meter roll, ARE-Applied Research brand 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This FEP (Flourethylene Propylene) low pressure tubing is chosen for use in Ion Chromatography Applications, but can be used in all low-pressure, laboratory applications including before and after an HPLC Pump such as with Mobile Phase Delivery and Solvent Waste Systems. Also known as Teflon FEP.

Do not use this tubing with heat over 80⁰C.

  • Internal and Outer Dimensional Tolerance: +/- 0.10mm

  • Color: Natural, Translucent

  • Pressure rating: 1075 psi (74.1 bar)

Other lengths available:



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