UV-vis Calibration Test Kit, Complete. Includes NIST traceable solutions, software. Chemical Solutions brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This UV-vis Calibration PQ Kit™ is a series of NIST traceable solutions with easy data recording and reporting of the actual data with acceptance criteria. This will allow you to qualify a UV-vis spectrophotometer easily and fully in regulated laboratories. In-house performance qualification (PQ) of these instruments is easy and saves money and time.

UV-vis Kit includes:

  • Absorbance Solutions - 7 x 30 ml each

  • Reference Solution Diluent - 60 ml

  • Wavelength Calibration Solution - 30 ml

  • Stray Light Solution - 30 ml

  • Software: Excel Template for Data Recording and Analysis

  • Certificate of Analysis.

Click HERE for more information about the UV-vis kits or click HERE for specifications and concentrations.

Solutions will be supplied with at least six months until the expiration date. They are designed to be used promptly and often. Expiration date is two years after the date of manufacture.


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