Packing Adapter, PEEK, for 4.6 mm ID columns and 7.5 mm ID slurry reservoirs, ARE-Applied Research brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This PEEK column packing adapter is used when packing ARE brand 4.6 mm ID PEEK columns (usually longer than 100 mm in length) and using our 7.5 mm ID, larger packing reservoirs for sufficient volume of packing material during the packing process.

This adapter is made from PEEK which ensures a biocompatibility from the beginning of the packing and column process.

Threads are 1/2 - 20 (for 4.6 mm columns) on one side and 5/8 - 18 (for 7.5 mm columns)) to connect the packing reservoir on the other side. Sealing rings are required: 1 each 49330-PA2 and 2 each 49330-PA4.

NOTE: This adapter is designed for packing only All-PEEK HPLC column hardware and not recommended for use with stainless steel packing systems.



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