Column Filters, for HPLC, 0.5 um Stainless Steel filter element and All-PEEK body. Compatible with all analytical HPLC columns. Disposable, with end plugs. Black. Cogent Brand. 10/PK.

Additional Info:

This Cogent Column Filter is our Most Popular column filter that offers in line column protection. These economical filters will protect your HPLC columns from damage due to unwanted, undissolved particles and common shedding from pump seals from entering them. Click HERE for 2.0um Filter.

Compatible with analytical columns up to 4,500 psi, they are not recommended for use with UHPLC pressure ranges. The universal connection (fits all HPLC Column threads and pilot lengths) can be installed with a quarter turn wrenching after hand tightened.

When these filters are in use, and pressure starts to rise, simply disconnect (after pressure in the column is at atmospheric), dispose of it and replace with a new inline Filter. These very convenient column protection units are also known as Pre-Column Filters.


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