Cap, Mobile Phase Delivery System, GL45 Threads, Blue, PE, for HPLC Reservoir Bottles. A PTFE Insert with 3 Holes, PEEK Plug and O-ring is included. ARE-Applied Research brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

Most Labs use this Bottle Cap System (also called Solvent Delivery Caps) to ensure that their Mobile Phase is not contaminated and thereby helps to comply with their HPLC GLP Requirements. Your Mobile Phase will only come in contact with medical grade PTFE so there will Not be any contamination from plastic or wax film.

Keeping these Polyethylene Screw Caps on the Bottles with the Tubing through-holes prevents dust and dirt from getting in and minimizes outgassing or absorption of atmospheric gases. The Cap Complete Assembly can be autoclaved.

Use Low Pressure Connectors (nuts) to secure Low Pressure Tubing. Click HERE for more information about the Plugs for this cap.

Tubing is shown for display purposes only and is sold separately.



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