HPLC Column, PAC, 5um, 4.6mm ID x 250mm Length, 100A with WVS Cartridge hardware. Partisphere Brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This Partisphere PAC™ Stationary Phase is the original, genuine Whatman / GE Healthcare product that has been a premium value used by HPLC laboratories for many years.

This "Type-A" Stationary Phase is spherically shaped and is not end capped and is modified with a ligand that contains both Amino and Cyano functional groups. This Column is written in many Methods that call for a Partisil Amino-Cyano (PAC) Column.

This column is supplied with the cartridge style, Whatman Void Sealing System (WVS). This column requires the end fitting kit 66900-WEF which is sold separately.


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