HPLC Column, RP Phenyl, Wide Pore, 3um, 2.1mm ID x 150mm Length, 300A. Cogent Brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This Cogent RP Phenyl™ Wide Pore HPLC Column has been a premium value and used by HPLC laboratories for many years. It is double end capped (fully), with traditional bonding of a 3 carbon chain with a terminal Phenyl Ring to the highest purity silica available, making this column ideal as an Alternate in USP Methods that use the L11 Classification for large molecules or in new method development.

The 3µm Particle makes the column more efficient than a similar column with a 5um Particle, thus you will experience sharper peaks. However, due to the smaller particle size, there can be an increased back pressure so methods that use longer columns and viscous solvents may exceed the pressure limits of your instrument.

Used to separate large Isomers (positional), Natural Products and Related Compounds and some Peptides in Reversed Phase HPLC.

This narrow-bore column provides good run times but requires a pump that can precisely deliver, and a flow cell that is made for reduced flow rates.


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