Semi Prep Guard Column Cartridge, RP C18 Wide Pore, 5um, 300A. 10mm ID x 10mm Length. Cogent Brand. 5/PK.

Additional Info:

These Guard Column Cartridges are packed with 5µm, Cogent RP C18™ Wide Pore Stationary Phase. They are double end capped (fully), with traditional bonding of an 18 carbon silane to the highest purity silica available. They are designed to protect your RP C18 Wide Pore Semi Prep Column from particulate and contaminants that will adsorb to it. Packed in Stainless Steel Tubes, they have Stainless Steel Frits.

Use these Guard Column Cartridges with a 10mm ID Prep Column Holder. Click HERE for more information.



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