HPLC Column, HPS Phenyl, 5um, 2.1mm ID x 50mm Length, 120A. Cogent Brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This Cogent HPS Phenyl™ Stationary Phase has been a premium value and used by HPLC laboratories for many years. It is fully end capped and is manufactured with a mono functional, 4 carbon ligand that has an attached Phenyl group and it is bonded to the highest purity, 120A silica available.

With a 5µm Particle, this Column works well with higher flow rates and lower back pressures compared with columns with smaller particles. It is often used to separate Isomers (positional), Tocopherols, Flavonoids, Polynuclear Aromatics, Nitro-Aromatic Compounds, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Natural Products and Related Compounds in Reversed Phase HPLC.

This column is a favorite for LCMS, compare its performance to Luna or Inertsil columns.


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