Septa, 20mm, Headspace, Molded, Grey Butyl Rubber / Light Grey Rubber with Laminated PTFE. For use in 20mm Crimp Caps, sold separately. Pharma-Fix type Septa. MicroSolv Brand. 1000/CS.

Additional Info:

Shaped, Butyl Rubber with Durometer of 50 Shore A, (hardness) and 3.0mm thick. Partially laminated with PTFE only on the light grey side of the Septa that faces the sample. Butyl Rubber facing the glass vial provides a very good seal, due to its elasticity. Combining inertness of PTFE and elasticity of Butyl Rubber. This type of Septa is commonly known as Pharma-Fix™ and is temperature resistant from -40⁰ to 120⁰C.

Use in Aluminum or Steel Crimp Caps for Headspace autosamplers. Supplied in Polyethylene Bags.


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