Inserts, Low Volume for Vials, Glass. Clear, 300ul fill volume with a conical, precision point and 6x30mm outer dimensions. For use in 2ml autosampler vials. AQ Brand. 100/PK.

Additional Info:

First hydrolytic, Class A, Type 33, Borosilicate Glass. Features a precision point conical tip for excellent recovery of sample. Residual volume is 5ul with most autosamplers. This product is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 Certified facility.

For maximum performance and safety, a 6mm flange at the top of the insert suspends it from the mouth of an AQ Brand, 9mm screw thread vial and allows a complete seal of the insert against the cap septa and centers the insert at the top .Springs are not required when used with the AQ Brand 9mm Screw Top autosampler Vials and can be used in some other 9mm screw top and 11mm snap top autosampler vials with standard performance.

Compare to Quick Drop Inserts.


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