Vials, Snap Top, Glass. Clear / Clear Insert, 300ul with Write-On Patch and fill lines, Fused Insert™. An 11mm snap ring and 12x32mm outer dimensions. For use as an autosampler vial. AQ Brand. 100/PK.

Additional Info:

Vial and inserts are made with first hydrolytic, Class A, Type 33, Borosilicate Glass. The Write-On Patch is ceramic and will resist smearing or scratching even when working with solvents.

Compares to QSerts™ brand vials for performance but lower priced and a great value. Insert bottom depth, heights and alignment are designed, and QC controlled for maximum recovery and needle safety.

The AQ™ Brand Fused Inserts sit slightly above the top lip of the vial and this unique feature allows for a near perfect seal with the cap's septa. These inserts are not attached to the bottom of the vial and do not suffer from cracking at this "fused" point and prevents leaking which may be observed in competitive brands..


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