Wavelength Calibration Solution, Holmium Oxide in Perchloric Acid. 30ml. Chemical Solutions Brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This Wavelength Calibration Solution (WCS) is a replacement solution for the MicroSolv HSQ™, PQ™ or UV-vis Qualification Kits. Used for HPLC UV detectors or UV-Vis spectrophotometers to qualify and calibrate Wavelength Detection.

Supplied in a 30ml plastic bottle, the WCS is 4% Holmium Oxide (HOX) in 10% Perchloric Acid and is manufactured to NIST Standard SRM-02034.

Holmium Oxide is an internationally recognized wavelength calibration primary standard, supported by NIST and other standards organizations. It provides 14 official absorbance bands ranging from 241nm to 41 nm. Using HOX with caffeine standards you will be able to calibrate your detector down to 205nm. Click HERE for "How to Calibrate a@ 205nm".

Solutions will be supplied with at least six months until the expiration date. They are designed to be used promptly and often. Expiration date is two years after the date of manufacture.



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