SOLVFil 1000, Vacuum Bottle Top Filter Degasser, 0.45um PTFE, 1000 mL, GL45 direct thread. Disposable. Chrom-Supply Brand. 12/PK.

Additional Info:

SOLVFil™ 1000 is constructed as a disposable, single piece filtration device from high purity FDA grade polypropylene which eliminates solvent leaking and spills with virtually no extractables and chemically inert. The fill reservoir has a 1 liter (1000ml) capacity and a 90mm diameter filtration area making filtration much faster than traditional methods and easier and safer. The GL45 Thread matches our Mobile Phase Reservoir Bottles and includes a Y connector for the vacuum line.

The built in 0.45µm PTFE (Teflon) membrane is made with very high purity materials and has extremely low extractables. This unit is the choice of many laboratories working with aggressive, organic solvents that desire faster filtration than using traditional 47mm membranes.

Eliminates transferring from glass filter degasser flask to reservoir bottle where you could inadvertently oxygenate the solvents and also have a potential for a spill.

PTFE or Teflon membranes are hydrophobic that are not very compatible with Aqueous Solutions and may need to be pre-wetted with an alcohol. PTFE has the best organic solvent compatibility compared with other membranes. PTFE is compatible with almost all HPLC solvents except water. 

For very fast and convenient filtering use the Cradle Ring (use with standard ring stands) or the low profile, Quick Connect Cradle Pedestal (sold separately and no ring stand required) for safer and hands free filtering.

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