Micro-Sample Management System. Complete Set, includes 96 individual, 350uL glass Inserts with RSA-Pro X surfaces in a Rack and Base plus a matching Silicone Rubber, Pre-Slit plug style, Sealing Mat. U-2D Brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This U-2D Micro-Sample Management System™ (MSM)  contains (96 each), 350ul, Precision Point, RSA™ Glass Inserts ,treated with RSA-Pro X™ Surface Technology. This treatment fully changes the pristine RSA™ surface from adsorbing stubborn sticky compounds that have an affinity for borosilicate glass structure. The treated glass surface is very hydrophobic, non-adsorbing for most compounds and extremely stable even in the presence of water. This hydrolytic stability will last for years compared to deactivated, silanized vials that usually degrade very quickly in the presence of water. This product is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 Certified facility.

This type of glass surface treatment is often needed to prevent loss of standards, proteins, peptides, enzymes, natural products and other precious compounds to adsorption by borosilicate glass.

“Pre-Racked” for easy management, filling, visualization and thermal control, these Inserts can easily be filled using single or multi-channel pipettors. The supplied Rack is removable from the stackable BASE which is re-usable. Seal the racked Inserts with the supplied Pre-Slit, plug style silicone rubber Mat (use with aqueous solutions) for storage or use in an autosampler that accepts standard, ANSI 96 Well Plates. Click HERE to view an MSM supplied with a chemical resistant mat.

The individual Inserts can be removed from the “RACK” and placed in an AQ™ Brand or RSA™ Brand 2ml, vial and capped for individual sample analyses or storage.



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