Marker, Laboratory, Semi - Permanent. 1.5mm Line. 13ml, Blue Ink. 4/PK.

Additional Info:

Mark in bold, blue color on projects and more with this marker. This indelible, oil-based ink works on all surfaces. Once the ink is dried it presents a semi-permanent finished on Hydrophobic Glass Vials and Inserts. Click HERE for Hydrophobic RSA-Pro X™ Glass Vials and Inserts.

Laboratory Markers Features:

  • Tip Type: Fine Point

  • Marking Width: 1.5mm

  • Marking Temperature Range: -30 ̊ to 60 ̊C

  • Dry Time: 10 Seconds

Directions for use: Shake vigorously with cap on. Press the tip on a surface that can be marked until inked. Replace the cap after use.


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