Tubing, PEEK, Pre-Cut, 0.005" ID, 1/16th" OD, Super-T Grade, Red Stripe, 10cm Long. ARE-Applied Research brand. 5 PK.

Additional Info:

Properly cutting tubing is one of the most difficult tasks in a chromatography laboratory. These Pre-Cut PEEK Tubes are the perfect solution.

This Super-T™ grade (Premium), PEEK tubing is extruded from virgin PEEK (Victrex) material without adding any additives. The broken red stripes are added only to the outside of the tubing, leaving the interior all natural PEEK which eliminates leachables due to color. The internal and outer dimensional tolerances of this tubing is +/- 0.025mm.

Color Code: Red, Stripes for 0.005" (0.13mm) ID. Pressure rating: 6100 psi.



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