RSA-ProX™ Glass MRQ Vials Press Release
The RSA-Pro X™ surface treatment is a breakthrough technology that starts with RSA™ glass. It provides complete surface coverage that is hydrolytically stable for years; even in 100% water. This hydrophobic surface will not adsorb most compounds and is often chosen for storage, stability testing, shipping, standards, dissolution, and QC testing and brings an improved chemical resistance.
Try the RSA-ProX™ in MicroSolv’s MRQ Vial and Cap kits (shown) which have a volume of 1.2 mL and a very low residual volume of 2 ul due to the center-draining effects of smooth walls and a conical bottom. 2 ml and 1.8 ml center draining vials are also available.

RSA-ProX™ MRQ Vials and Caps


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