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Sparging Stones | Internal Thread | 1/8" or 1/16" Stems

MicroSolv™ Sparging Stones can be used as an inlet filter from the solvent reservoir bottle to the HPLC pump if desired. They are more often used for dispersion of dry gasses (sparging) to keep your solvents degassed and under positive pressure in the reservoir bottle.

Designed and manufactured to be of the highest quality available, these stainless-steel spargers are never touched by human hands. Touchless, they move directly from our sinter oven to be treated with 30% Nitric Acid and are then, finally rinsed with distilled water.

The most popular size of the inlet filters are the 10 µm units and for sparging helium or other gas the 2 µm units are most commonly chosen. Use gloves or forceps when handling these filters to avoid contamination of your solvents. Change units at least every six months.

  • Maximum Flow Rates: 2um = 5ml/minute, 10um = 25ml/minute.

  • Click HERE for Sparging Stone Specifications and drawings.

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