Sparging Stone, 10 um, 0.375 inch x 1 inch, 1/16th inch stem, Stainless Steel. EPP-Porous Products brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This Sintered Stainless Steel "Stone"/ Filter will introduce gas into liquids through thousands of tiny pores, creating bubbles far smaller and more numerous than with other sparging materials.

The outer diameter (OD) is 0.37 inches (9.53mm) and 1.0 inches (25.4mm) long (L). The internal thread has sharp grips inside that will grab 1/16 inch, low pressure, soft tubing from a gas source such as Air, Helium or Nitrogen for HPLC or other uses.

The result of this greater gas/liquid contact area is dryer mobile phase solvents that remain free of dissolved oxygen or carbon dioxide.

Drop these spargers directly into closed mobile phase reservoir bottles using a mobile phase delivery cap.


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