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Very Unique C18 Performance | Extremely Hydrophobic | Use with 100% Aqueous or Non-Polar Solvents

Using our proprietary Silica and bonding technologies, state of the art, 4um or 2.2um high purity Silica the straight chain C18 hydrocarbon is bonded directly to the Silica Hydride surface with TWO (2) separate points of attachment. The resulting direct silicon-carbon bond is virtually indestructible. This technology produces the most stable, efficient and unique C18 columns on the market as it can operate in Reverse Phase (RP), Normal Phase (ONP) or Aqueous Normal Phase

It is often used as a lab workhorse since it is extremely stable and the column lifetime is vastly greater than other C18 columns. It also, requires less water for good retention, making gradient analysis so much easier.

No end capping is used so this phase can be used at very low pH without damage and is also much more stable when used with paired ion (PIC) reagents in RP.

Using this column in Normal Phase (NP) produces a very unusual mode of HPLC. Due to the lack of a water shell on all TYPE-C™ columns, it can separate water labile compounds without them degrading on column as occurs on regular Silica columns..

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