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Borosilicate Bottles Coated in Shatter Proof Plastic | Safety | Mobile Phase Reservoirs

These borosilicate glass bottles are coated in an epoxy plastic that will not breach if dropped to the ground, even when full with solvent.

  • Safety, Safety, Safety

  • Large Capacity Available

  • Borosilicate Glass on the Inside, Unbreakable Plastic on the Outside

These safety coated, Mobile Phase Reservoir Bottles are available with a Standard Taper Neck 29/32 in a 1L size or a GL45 neck with various volumes. The most common sizes of the GL 45 bottles are 1 and 2 liters for use in your HPLC’s, mobile phase tray. For labs that want to make larger batches; 5L, 10L and 20L sizes are also available.

Each GL45 bottle is supplied with a “drip ring” and an inert screw closed cap. Compatible with many mobile phase filtration devices, you can safely filter directly into these bottles and cap them for storage or transportation.

Mobile Phase Delivery Systems for HPLC rely on high quality Borosilicate glass bottles. These bottles when used with a Delivery Cap will keep the mobile phase degassed and free of particulates and will not contribute any extractables. This in turn keeps the mobile phase stable allowing for more reproducible results.

Click HERE for Non-Coated, Economical Solvent Reservoir Bottles.

The Selection "FILTER" buttons refine the Products displayed in the Ordering Chart. They are described below and listed alphabetically by FILTER.

  • Clear Bottles - Standard bottle color for HPLC.

  • Closed Top - This cap is for storing or moving and not for use on the instrument.

  • Delivery Cap - This cap has an inert, PTFE center plug with 3 holes for tubing to create a mobile phase delivery system that is inert.

  • GL 45 Threads - 45mm threaded bottles are matched to the GL 45 Caps.

  • Open Hole - This cap is a GL 45 thread with a hole that will accept a replacement PTFE plug to create a delivery system. Plug sold separately.

  • Standard Taper Neck - This is not a screw top bottle. The standard taper inside the bottle mouth matches the outer taper of the fitting or “bung” and uses friction to seal.

  • Volume: Bottles that are 1L, 10L, 2L, 5L

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