Bottle, Mobile Phase Reservoir, Safety, Coated Glass, Clear, 2L, Screw Top, GL45 Threads. MicroSolv Brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

One of our Most Popular Items, this Clear, Plastic Coated, Borosilicate Glass Bottle has a 2L "Total Fill Capacity" and is perfect as an HPLC Mobile Phase Reservoir. The small opening, one liter Capacity and White Enamel Graduations on the outside of the Bottle help you determine the Solvent use and prevent running dry.

This Bottle can be used with MicroSolv Filter Degassers, other Degassers or disposable Filter Degassers. A Solid Screw Cap without a liner and a polypropylene Drip Ring are included.

This Bottle is often used with the Mobile Phase Delivery System. The outside only of the Bottle is coated in a transparent, thick epoxy plastic and if this bottle is dropped and broken, the plastic will prevent a spill incident and prevent workers from getting cut with glass or splashed with solvent.



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