Unique Columns for Reversed & Normal Phase HPLC


Why Choose Cogent HPS™?
Cogent HPS™ HPLC columns have been used in the industry for over 20 years in many USP© methods as well as methods developed in-house. They also serve as a Certified PQ column.

They are manufactured in the USA and are available globally through local distributors.   

MicroSolv’s Research and Development and Technical support laboratories assist our customers for the lifetime of our products. Live, Free and Friendly.

About Cogent HPS™ Columns;

  • Cogent HPS™ columns provide excellent peak shapes, precision, robust column lifetimes. They are available in a range of phases that help for closely related compounds and other HJPLC challenges ... a truly great value.
  • HPS™ silica is base deactivated and manufactured to have ultra low metals with exhaustive proprietary, end-capping. These columns are reliable, consistent and of the highest quality possible.
  • Manufactured in a state of the art, modern, ultra-clean factory with a focus on materials accountability and chain of custody. These columns can be used reliably and confidently in regulated laboratories and in modern HPLC applications.
  • Columns are available in 100Å and 5um analytical formats that can be scaled-up for preparative HPLC applications.
  • All phases are available in analytical and guard column sizes: 2.1, 4.6, 10, 21.2, 30 and 50mm ID. Please inquire for additional sizes.
  • Accountability for manufacturing materials, on-boarding support, troubleshooting, assistance during investigations and mirroring method conditions in our laboratories is part of the HPS™ package. Be confident these columns can be traced to source materials if needed.

More Information about Cogent HPS™ Reversed Phase Columns:
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Available in Guard, Analytical & Preparative Sizes.   

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