What is the Chemical Solutions HSQ Kit? Everything you need to test HPLC for precision and accuracy.  

MicroSolv's Chemical Solutions branded HSQ Kit ™ (High Speed Qualification) is designed to allow you to self-test (DIY and save a lot of money) and document your HPLC systems' precision and accuracy using NIST traceable materials and comply with Analytical Instrument Qualification (AIQ) for USP <1058>. A dedicated, premium and certified test column and an Excel™ software template (you can enter pass fail criteria) are also included to ensure scientific integrity of your test results. Both isocratic and gradient systems can be qualified with variable wavelength or diode array UV detectors. These tests can be incorporated into your company's PQ SOP and become the basis of your quality program for HPLC instruments.

  • Perform holistic and modular AIQ tests in two hours on your own time.
  • Perform after preventative maintenance with immediate instrument up-time. No waiting for vendor appointments.
  • Use to calibrate your HPLC instruments as well.
  • Help users fulfill their requirements to “Maintain Instruments in a Qualified State.” See USP <1058>.
  • Performance checks are important for troubleshooting transferred methods.

The HSQ™ System is comprised of 5 major components.

  • A series of NIST traceable calibration solutions, with a certificate of analysis.  Click HERE to view a sample (PDF).
  • An HSQ Kit™ test column –Pre-validated for the test protocols with a certificate of conformance.
  • A validated Excel™-based software template (protected) to compile, calculate and graph test results.
  • A series of test protocols, which can be freely modified or incorporated into your internal SOPs.
  • Un-limited technical and educational support.

What Does the HSQ Kit™ Test?

The HSQ Kit™ provides holistic system, pump, autosampler & detector tests for your HPLC Instrument with the following performance checks:

Holistic System Tests:

  • HPLC Extra Column Volume
  • Instrument Volume
  • Gradient Dwell Volume

Pump Tests:

  • Flow Accuracy
  • Flow Precision / Drift
  • Gradient Delivery

Autosampler Tests:

  • Precision
  • Volume Linearity
  • % Carryover

Detector Tests: 

  • Short-Term Dynamic Noise
  • Wavelength Accuracy
  • Primary Standard: up to 14 wavelengths, from 241nm- 641nm
  • Secondary Standard: @ 205nm and 273nm
  • Linearity: over 3 Orders (equivalent to 100% - 0.1%)

Additional performance check, HSQ Kit™ test protocols are included with the kit:

A complete set of tests and protocols to perform fully and completely Performance qualifications (PQ) and Performance checks of your HPLC system which a lab technician can easily and reliably perform with minimal training. The kit includes all component tests listed above plus system checks:

  • Whole System Performance
  • Extra Column Volume
  • Gradient Dwell Volume

Contents of The HSQ Kit™ :

Note: All HSQ™ solutions are NIST traceable and are supplied with complete and full certificates of analysis.

  • HSQ™ HPLC Test Column: A Cogent brand, HPS™ C8, reversed phase, 4.6 x 75 mm, Certificated and validated column is selected specifically for performance qualification testing.
  • Wavelength Calibration Solution: 4ml bottle of holmium oxide, 4% in 10% perchloric acid.
  • Linearity Solutions L1, L4, L5 & L6: 4 x 30 ml bottles of different concentrations of Caffeine dissolved in 90:10 0.1% acetic acid: acetonitrile.
  • Linearity Solution L2:  60 ml bottle of caffeine dissolved in 90:10 0.1% acetic acid: acetonitrile
  • Linearity Solution L3: 60 ml bottle of caffeine dissolved in 90:10 0.1% acetic acid: acetonitrile. Also used as a reference solution. 
  • HSQ™ Resolution Test Mixture (Rs Test Mix): 30 ml bottle of our proprietary blend of standards including caffeine as peak #2.
  • Gradient Visualization Solution: 30 ml bottle of 1.0 ml / mL of uracil in 10% acetonitrile / Water with 0.1% acetic acid.
  • Excel™ Template: Used to compile, calculate or graph the actual testing results.
  • Test Protocols: Use to completely comply with performance qualification requirements. Can be used as supplied or customized to your current SOP’s.
  • Instructions: Quickly start to qualify your instrument following our easy to follow Instructions.
Click HERE for sample of test results using the HSQ Kit™ 
Click HERE for HSQ Kit™ solutions specifications and concentrations
Click HERE  to update your HSQ Kit™ software.

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