How two identical Instruments can provide different results.

HSQ Kit for PQ 
Below is an actual report containing real data from a GMP lab that developed a stability indicating method on one of the two instruments. When the method was transferred to the other instrument, some of the peaks were not showing. The lab manager used the HSQ Kit™ standard method and determined that two identical instruments with identical hours of use were very different in performance. This lab then labeled each instrument to follow good laboratory practices. Notice the differences in System Sensitivity.

Your lab can have the same advantages by measuring the performance of all of your HPLC systems easily using the HSQ Kit™.

Instrument:   Agilent 1100 LC System #9 Agilent 1100 LC System #2
Performance Characteristic: Test Conditions: Performance: Performance:
System Extra-Column Dispersion: Rs test mix extrapolated N 5 uL 3 uL
Gradient Dwell Volume: Dwell Volume: 1.20 mL 1.07 mL
  Delivery Accuracy: All circuits <5% of nominal All circuits <5% of nominal
% Injector Carryover: No Wash Vial: 0% 0%
With Wash Vial: 0% 0%
Injection Precision: 10 replicate inj. 0.07% RSD 0.07% RSD
Ret. Time Precision: 10 replicate inj. 0.21% RSD 0.06% RSD
System Sensitivity: caffeine @ 273nm normalized for column efficiency

peak to peak noise @ 273 nm
Sens. = 363.9 mAU/µg

LOD = 0.032 µg/mL

Noise = 0.04 mAU
Sens. = 400.6 mAU/µg

LOD = 0.058 µg/mL

Noise = 0.077 mAU
Pump Flow Rate Accuracy: 0.5 mL/min 100.3% 100.0%
1.0 mL/min 100.3% 100.3%
5.0 mL/min 99.7% 99.7%
Pump Max Press: BPR, leak check Qual: to 5,000 psi, 345 bar Qual: to 5,000 psi, 345 bar
Column Oven: oven air temp
<5°C of normal
Qual: 20-50°C, <5°C of normal Qual: 20-50°C, <5°C of normal

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