Inserts, Low Volume for Vials, Glass. Clear, 300ul fill volume with a conical, precision point and 6x29mm outer dimensions with plastic springs attached. For use in 2ml autosampler vials. RSA Brand. 100/PK.

Additional Info:

First hydrolytic, Class A, Type 33, Reduced Surface Activity Borosilicate Glass. Features a mandrel manufactured, precision point conical tip for maximum recovery of sample and internal consistency from insert to insert. Residual volume is 2ul with most autosamplers and a 200ul useable volume. Polypropylene springs are attached to keep the inserts center aligned and reduce chances of the needle breaking the inserts during use.

Bottom depths, heights and bottom interiors are designed, and QC controlled for maximum recovery and needle safety.

Use with 9mm Screw Top and 11mm Snap Top 2ml, 12x32mm autosampler vials.

Reduced surface activity glass for lower adsorption of basic compounds, extremely low surface metals and virtually no delamination making this the very best insert available on the market. Click HERE for more information about RSA autosampler vials.

Compares to TruView™ Brand inserts and is Best in Class. This is our Most Popular RSA™ Glass Low Volume Insert.


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