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Pump, Low Volume, Hand Held for 365um OD CE or CEC Capillaries . MicroSolv Brand. 1 EA.

Additional Info:

This is a very handy unit to have, for Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) or Capillary Electro Chromatography (CEC) that every lab should have for Best Practices in CE.

The Turn Screw "Plunger" keeps constant downward pressure on the Syringe while producing sub-microliter Flow through the Capillary that will remove residual Buffers, Solvents or Air Bubbles.

When sufficient liquid has moved through the capillary, simply turn the Screw Plunger a quarter or half turn to drive more liquid through the capillary.

Hint, you will not see liquid coming out of the capillary as it is such a small volume.

Supplied with extra 0.5um plastic syringe and 365um ID polyethylene tubing.

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