HPLC Column, Diamond Hydride, 4um, 2.1mm ID x 50mm Length, 100A. Packed in a "metal free" Stainless Steel Column and Frits. Cogent TYPE-C Brand. 1 EA.


Additional Info:

This Metal-Free Surface, Bio-Inert, Cogent Diamond Hydride™ HPLC Column is made with Cogent TYPE-C™ Silica, and this silica hydride based stationary phase provides excellent Selectivity, very fast Equilibration and robust Column Lifetimes. The Bio-Inert, Metal Free column coating provides a permanent protection from analyte interaction with the steel column or steel frits, which can be problematic for many compounds including proteins, peptides and small molecules. This coating provides protection of your samples and helps to produce more accurate and precise data.

The Diamond Hydride phase is often chosen for the analysis of polar compounds that are difficult to retain in Reversed Phase, including polar and non-polar peptides, amino acids and other biological compounds such as metabolites. When using in Aqueous Normal Phase, this column is Mass Spec Friendly.

This size column provides good resolution and short run times and is Very Popular Column used in High Through-put Screening.


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