Adapter, for use with low to medium pressure HPLC. 10-32 female to 1/4-28 female, 0.40 mm / 0.016 bore size. PEEK. ARE-Applied Research brand. Bulk Price.

Additional Info:

This all-PEEK adapter has a standard 10-32 female screw thread port on one side and a 1/4-28 female screw thread port on the other side.

This adapter is great tools for manually priming HPLC instruments through the prime purge valve.

  • Maximum Temperature: 100°C

  • Maximum Pressure: 8,000 psig.

  • Click HERE for economical pack of 10.

  • Click HERE for 1/4-28 threaded adapter.

The "flat" section on the knurled adapter allows to use a wrench for an extra 1/8 of clockwise turn for tighter sealing or a slight counterclockwise turn to help remove if a tight fitting is too hard for hand removal. The flat section can also be used to hold the adapter in place with a wrench while the male nut is tightened in the adapter.

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