Union, Connector Kits, Tee, High Pressure, 0.50mm Through Holes with 10-32 Screw Threads. Carbon PEEK, with Connector Nuts. Use with 1/16" Tubing. ARE-Applied Research brand. 2/PK.

Additional Info:

These "Union" Tee's are used to connect the same size PEEK or Stainless Steel tubing on all ends, in the high pressures zones of HPLC systems. A "Tee Connection" is often used to split flow into two directions or to combine two streams into one.

Supplied with 2 Tee Unions 47302-11 and Four Finger Tightened Connectors (nuts) 47301-05.

Carbon PEEK has been reinforced with carbon fiber, giving it the highest strength and stiffness of all the PEEK grades and improving its load-carrying capacity.



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