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  • Reduce Peak Broadening from Poor Connections

  • Quick and Easy Connection with all Brands of Columns

  • Universal, Self Adapting Pilot Length

Directly installed and adaptive to any brand of HPLC Column that uses 10-32 threads, these "Direct Adaptive HPLC Column Connectors" (Di-Ad™ Fittings) make changing Columns in HPLC very efficient and prevents adding undesirable system volume. Each time you change column brands and therefore end fitting types, the pilot length of the spring loaded Di-Ad will perfectly adjust length and become compatible with any HPLC column including Waters, Agilent, Phenomenex, Supelco, Perkin Elmer, ACE, Thermo and Cogent. No longer will you need to cut off the ferrule to adjust the tubing pilot length for different HPLC Column end fittings.

The Di-Ad™ fitting will adjust tubing length precisely for different column end fitting internal dimensions such as from Waters, Parker, Swagelok, Valco, IDEX or Shepards brands. Without any tools, simply screw the Di-Ad™ into the Column. So easy, anyone can do it correctly.

Single End Fitting units require a standard 1/16th" stainless steel nut and ferrule or finger tightened fitting to install it on the pump and detector sides of the instrument. Double End Fitting Units will screw into the pump before the column and into the detector after the column and do not require additional nuts and ferrules. Select different tubing ID and Length to suit your own instrument needs for Universal HPLC Column Fittings.

We recommend using the Beta Tool-2 for optimal routing of tubing through your system. It is important that you do not overtighten these fittings. Simply screw on the column until finger tight and then give 1/8th more turn.

Pressure Rating Stainless Steel Tubing: 10,000 psi.

Pressure Rating PEEK Tubing: 5,000 psi.

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