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96 well plates and mats used in HPLC, LCMS high throughput laboratories. Silicone mats, plastic plates & glass inserts.

All MicroSolv's 96 well plates are tested for low extractables and conform to ANSI - SBS standards including, Footprint.

  • Tight Specifications

  • Alpha-Numeric Grids

  • Autoclavable

  • RNAse/ DNAse Free Environment

Choose from the Following:

  • Plates with Glass Inserts

  • Deep Well Plastic Plates

  • Medium Well Plastic Plates

  • Shallow Well Plastic Plates

  • Round or Square Wells

  • U-Bottoms, V-Bottoms or Flat-Bottoms Plats

  • Silicone, Silicone/PTFE or EVA Sealing Mats

Click HERE for U-2D MicroSampling System that can be used as a 96 Well Plate.

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