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Aluminum Crimp Caps | Steel Screw Caps | Range of Septa| Magnetic

Caps used in Headspace Analysis are historically, crimp style. Advances in glass vial manufacturing now produce the type of threads that are needed to properly seal the vial and cap under pressure, producing a Screw Top Headspace System that works well together.

Different cap styles such as magnetic caps, pressure relief caps and standard crimp caps are available. *We offer almost every type of septa including: septa with aluminum foil, black rubber, blue rubber, butyl rubber, butyl rubber/PTFE, dark grey rubber, grey rubber, low bleed silicone rubber/PTFE, molded rubber, natural rubber, orange rubber, pre-slit septa, red rubber, silicone rubber/PTFE (Most Popular), translucent rubber and septa for SPME.

To properly select a headspace cap/septa will depend on the autosampler you are using and the amount of headspace pressure that is going be generated.

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The Selection "FILTER" buttons refine the Products displayed in the Ordering Chart. They are described below and listed alphabetically by FILTER.

  • BASIK™ Brand Caps - Most Economical, simple and basic. Manufactured to tight standards.

  • Cap Color: Bimetallic Blue, Bimetallic Red, Gold or Silver (Most Popular).

  • Crimp Caps - Aluminum seals with Headspace grade septa for 20mm caps. Magnetic, various colors and different types of septa are selected.

  • Crimp Caps: Open Hole -Basic type of aluminum seals without septa. Sold separately.

  • Magnetic - Steel caps for autosamplers that uses magnets to move vials during runs.

  • MicroSolv™ Brand Caps - High quality caps and septa for crimp top and screw top Headspace Vials.

  • Pharmafix - Molded rubber and PTFE septa

  • Pressure Relief - Aluminum caps that will release the internal vial pressure should it become too high and dangerous.

  • Screw Caps - Screw Caps - Headspace caps for screw top vials including septa and solid caps.

  • Septa Only - Rubber and PTFE septa only without caps. Caps sold separately.

  • Septa: Aluminum Foil Lined, Black Rubber, Blue Silicone Rubber, Butyl Rubber, Butyl Rubber/PTFE, Dark Grey Rubber, Grey Rubber, Low Bleed (Most Popular), Molded Rubber, Natural Rubber, Orange Rubber, Pre-Slit, Red Rubber, Silicone Rubber/PTFE, Translucent Rubber, White Silicone Rubber/Red PTFE or White Silicone Rubber.

  • SPME - Caps and special septa for use with Solid Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME) injectors..

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