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Essential for any HPLC Lab | Tubing Tools | Columns Tools | Flanging Tool Kit.

Every lab need the proper tools and chromatography labs are not different. Part of getting good results from HPLC instruments is proper plumbing. That means that the liquid flow path of your solvents must not be impeded, leak or take in air while under pressure from the HPLC pump. Tools are needed to keep your system tight and running efficiently.

Even the upstream and down stream sections of your HPLC instruments (low pressure areas) need to be properly plumbed. Tools to cut and or flange tubing is important to be done correctly.

To help your lab produce quality results, use Beta Tools™ for straightening or de-kinking tubing, Cap Crimpers for proper seals, Cap De-cappers to safely remove aluminum crimp caps, Flanging tool to best connections with low pressure tubing, assorted Tubing Cutters for different types of tubing, ValveTool™ for getting that male nut properly seating in a hard to get to spot, Wrenches and other Miscellaneous tools for the laboratory.

The Selection "FILTER" buttons refine the Products displayed in the Ordering Chart. They are described below and listed alphabetically by FILTER.

  • Beta Tools™ - The original Beta Tool™(BT) is a pair of precision, high grade pliers and can be used as needle nose pliers or as a tubing straightener for 1/16th” stainless steel tubing.

  • The Beta Tool-2™ (BT2) is a pair of precision, high grade pliers that has a snub-nose for greater access to tubing while inside an instrument or in any tight spot. The BT-2 can straighten both 1/8” tubing and 1/16tH stainless steel tubing. Also used to bend tubing without kinking. Most Popular.

  • Column Tools - Remove ferrules from inside the column with the Ferrule Puller Tool or wrenches with just the right length for good leverage to tighten end fittings.

  • Crimpers - Manual Crimping Tools for 8mm, 11mm, 13mm or 20mm crimp caps.

  • Decappers - Tool to safely and effectively remove 20mm (Headspace) caps from vials.

  • Flangy the Tool™ - Complete tool kits and replacement parts for easily and correctly flanging soft, low pressure tubing that are perfect when using Male Nuts that require flanged tubing.

  • HPLC Tool Kits - Kits that includes assorted tools, tubing and other accessories for HPLC plumbing.

  • Miscellaneous Tools - The Valve Tool™, Tweezers, File and small Drill Bit set.

  • Tubing Cutters - Tools to properly and easily cut stainless steel, PEEK or low pressure, soft tubing.

  • Tubing Tools - Assorted tools for cutting, applying, straightening stainless steel, PEEK or low pressure, soft tubing.

  • Wrenches - Hex type or open type wrenches with the right length for proper tightening of HPLC end fittings and male nuts.

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