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Full Range | Glass and Plastic | Precision & Economical | RSA™ Inserts

Our “inserts” for autosampler vials are among the market leading inserts worldwide. These inserts allows liquid samples that with very small volumes to be stored and injected into your instrument with minimal evaporation or loss of sample due to the “residual volume” or adsorption to the insert walls.

We have many years of experience with low volume sample management and injections and have developed technology that produces reliable injections year after year.

Our range extends from low cost, flat bottom borosilicate glass inserts to mandrel point, precision inserts made with silanized, RSA™ glass with attached polymer springs.

Factors that should be considered when choosing an insert is vial compatibility, center alignment in the vial in accordance with the injector specifications, material the insert is made from, consistency of the bottom well and internal dimensions from lot to lot. Price and convenience are also important factors to consider.

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The Selection "FILTER" buttons refine the Products displayed in the Ordering Chart. They are described below and listed alphabetically by FILTER..

  • AQ™ Brand - Inserts that compare with "Certified" products for glass type, dimensional control and packaging standards. Type 33 glass.

  • Attached Springs - Glass and Plastic Inserts with polyetheylene springs attached for centering the insert in the vial.

  • BASIK™ Brand - Economical Inserts that are selected for non-critical use.

  • Conical Point - A wider well at the internal bottom of the vial that helps reduce bubble formation during filling.

  • Economy - Lower cost inserts for non-critical use.

  • Flat Bottom - Inserts that do not have a well at the bottom. Lowest cost inserts.

  • MicroSolv™ Brand - Inserts made from pharmaceutical grade Type-33, borosilicate glass.

  • Plastic Inserts - Made with medical grade polypropylene with springs attached.

  • Precision Point - Mandrel point inserts with a very small residual volume.

  • RSA-Pro™ - Inserts made with RSA™ glass and surface treated for lower protein and peptide adsorption.

  • RSA™ Glass Inserts - Inserts made with RSA™, reduced surface activity glass. Best-in-Class.

  • Self Aligning - Inserts that do not need a spring to center align. Inserts should be matched to the proper vial for maximum performance.

  • Silanized - Inserts that have been coated with our proprietary method of gas silanization. Covalently bonded.

  • Springs - Metal springs for use with older style vial and insert combination.

  • Volume - (Nominal Volume): 100ul, 150ul, 200ul, 250ul, 300ul, 350ul, 50ul & 700ul.

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