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All-PEEK HPLC Columns - Pack your own Bio-Inert Columns

  • Available in 2.1, 4.6 or 7.5mm ID

  • Chemically Inert

Our All-PEEK HPLC Column Hardware is extruded from Victrex® PEEK for maximum reproducibility and finest chromatography. A small amount of graphite (20%) is added to the formulation in order to achieve a black surface, sheen. There are no other chemical or physical treatments added to the process: making these columns more biocompatible.

These PEEK Columns are manufactured on the finest lathes in the world and available with PEEK or Stainless Steel 5um frits. Their inner bore has no surface treatment and its mirror like surface is achieved through our proprietary extrusion method. Slurry Reservoirs and replacement parts such as Packing Adapters are manufactured of the same PEEK methods and materials as well. This process guarantees a biocompatible packing without the contamination of any metals that will affect o your bio-analytes due to the column hardware.

Thread size:2.1mm ID columns; 1/4" - 28, for 4.6mm; 1/2" - 20 and for 7.5mm; 5/8" - 18.

Click HERE for Packing Hardware-Slurry Reservoirs and parts.

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