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Select from a range of nuts and fittings for HPLC: 1/16th inch or 1/8th inch for use with PEEK, polymeric or stainless steel tubing.

Quality fittings for HPLC connections are necessary for consistent performance of any HPLC or HPLC method. Use only high quality, precision pieces that are backed by technical support.

One-piece fittings consist of ferrule and nut. Two-piece fittings are separate nuts and ferrules.

Use the quick links below to view images and more information for some of the different types of our most popular fittings.

  • The CombiHead Hex™ is one of our most popular nuts for HPLC. You can finger tighten or use a wrench for that extra 1/4 turn that is needed. This assures a better seal quickly. This eliminates any "hand fatigue" from finger tight fittings. Maximum temperature 100°C, maximum pressure 6,000 psig.

  • CombiHead flats™ have a "flat area" provided to wrench the last 1/4 turn. This assures that your high-pressure fitting is sealed and less likely to leak and is also convenient when removing the fitting. Use a wrench to "break" the seal and remove the fitting's remaining turns by hand; this eliminates hand and finger fatigue. Maximum temperature 100°C, maximum pressure 6,000 psig.

  • The Endure™ line of fittings for HPLC are made for extra durability and low conductivity. Constructed of carbon-PEEK materials, these fittings will endure higher temperatures, more solvent exposure and most over-tightening compared to standard PEEK fittings. Choose from different fittings with built in ferrules (1-piece) or nut and ferrule combinations with a wide variety of shapes for different applications. Maximum temperature 100°C, maximum pressure 6,000 psig.

  • Variety of PEEK fittings that can be finger tightened are available as one or two pieces. The one-piece is very convenient and very common in HPLC labs. Two-piece nuts with double cone ferrules will last longer and give better seals than one-piece PEEK nuts. Maximum temperature 100°C, maximum pressure 6,000 psig.

  • Stainless steel nuts for the best connection are available as two-piece units with a nut and ferrule. Choose from 3 lengths of nuts to meet your specific need. All of our stainless-steel fittings are manufactured from SS 316L (DIN 1.4435) with standard HPLC threads. Maximum temperature 500°C, maximum pressure 10,000 psig.

  • Directive Adaptive (Di-Ad™) The spring-loaded Di-Ad™ fitting will adjust tubing length precisely for different column end fitting internal dimensions such as from Waters, Parker, Swagelok, Valco, IDEX or Shepards brands. Without any tools, simply screw the Di-Ad™ into the Column. So easy, anyone can do it correctly.

  • Low pressure nuts, washers / ferrules for upstream (before the pump) or downstream (post detector) HPLC are offered in two types: Flanged or flange free. With flanged nuts you will need to create a flange on your polymer tubing. Click HERE for the flanging tool ordering information. Maximum temperature 100°C, maximum pressure 3,500 psig.

It is recommended to only use PEEK or ETFE fittings and ferrules for mobile phase connections that are immersed into the mobile phase solvents. Click HERE for more information on this topic.

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